Sunil Philip Narine, born on May 26, 1988, in Arima, Trinidad, is a cricketer who has earned a reputation as one of the most enigmatic and successful bowlers in the game. With his unorthodox style, exceptional spin bowling, and ability to bamboozle batsmen, Narine has become a true master of mystery in the cricketing world.

Narine's journey into cricket began at a young age, and his talent quickly became evident. He made his debut for Trinidad and Tobago in 2009 and caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts around the globe with his unique spin bowling technique. His career truly skyrocketed when he made his international debut for the West Indies in 2011, instantly making an impact in limited-overs cricket.

One of Narine's defining features is his unorthodox action, characterized by a quick and whippy arm movement that makes it difficult for batsmen to pick up his deliveries. Coupled with his remarkable control and ability to generate significant turn, he has become a nightmare for even the most skilled batsmen. Narine is known for his mastery of the knuckleball, a delivery that deceives batsmen with its change of pace and spin. Narine's economical bowling, combined with his ability to take wickets at crucial junctures, has made him a valuable asset for any team he represents.

Narine, has been a long-standing part of the Knight Riders franchise around the world, and has churned out brilliant performances for many years. He’s been a stalwart and one of the biggest torch-bearers for CPL as well as TKR. The magician will be looking to turn games as he often does and help the Trinbago Knights propel towards yet another CPL title.