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In the heart of Afghanistan's cricket rise stands a remarkable talent, Waqar Salamkheil, a left-arm spinner whose artistry with the ball has captured the cricketing world's attention. Waqar has joined TKR for this season of CPL. Born on 2nd October 2001, in Kabul, his journey in cricket started quite early and his uniqueness helped him find success at a quick pace. Waqar is equipped with a unique blend of classical spin and unorthodox variations, Salamkheil has swiftly risen through the ranks.

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Salamkheil’s uniqueness lies in his ability to spin the ball extravagantly while maintaining impeccable control. His deceptive googlies and well-disguised leg-breaks often leave batsmen bewildered, resulting in crucial breakthroughs for his team. But it's not just his craft that shines – Salamkheil's unwavering determination and calm demeanor under pressure have become his trademarks.

Waqar’s journey would serve to be an example for young Afghan cricketers to follow their dream, work hard and set out to achieve something great in life. Even at such a young age, Waqar possesses an experience of playing all-round the world. Being someone who’s been around the globe, playing a lot of T20 cricket, helps him to adjust to any conditions offered and execute his skills to the best of his abilities.

Waqar now eyes this year’s Caribbean Premier League , as an opportunity to display his incredible talent and skill with the ball. The Trinbago Knight Riders, would be glad to have such a versatile cricketer in their unit, and Waqar’s inclusion certainly makes their spin contingent quite formidable.